[Degeneration of a taro round dessert]_Energy_Nutrition Value

[Degeneration of a taro round dessert]_Energy_Nutrition Value

Taro round dessert is a common dessert in Fujian and Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is welcomed by many people. The conversion is relatively high. There is a distance of about 250 kcal in 100 grams.

Therefore, you can’t eat too much when eating taro balls, to avoid causing too many problems, especially some taro balls will have more sugar added. Although the taste will be very good, it may also increase greatly.

A small amount of taro balls in a serving of taro balls translates to about 250 calories (100 grams) and nanometers.

Taro is a famous Han snack, which is a traditional dessert in Fujian and Taiwan.

Taro is steamed and pressed into mud. Add sweet potato powder and water and mix well to form a ball. Knead it into long strips and cut into small pieces. Boil in boiling water until it rises.

Add sweet potato powder is more than Q, and use too white powder is softer.

Cooked taro balls can be eaten in rock sugar water, and hot food is also eaten in winter.

In Taiwan and Fujian, many desserts such as tofu, shaved ice, slightly taro and sweet potatoes are covered and served together.

Will eating taro balls be fat? 1, the most important thing to make taro balls is to use cassava flour, not other types of starch!

Other starches will not be Q-bouncing and chewy, which will completely affect the taste.

2. If you want to add sweetness, be sure to add it when the sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and taro are mashed. This will not affect the molding and taste. If you forget to add it, do not add 3 in the next step. YellowTaro rounds are best made with yellow heart sweet potatoes, made with pumpkins, but pumpkins are too soft and steamed, and too much water, you need to add a lot of cassava flour to form a ball.It will fade!

4. In addition to the most classic three-colored taro balls, you can develop more colors and flavors by yourself. Some say that you add matcha powder and red yeast rice powder to cassava flour balls, and add hot milk or brown sugar water.Is it suitable for Christmas?
How to Avoid Obesity Under normal circumstances, the most important nature of a person’s trend of fatness and thinness is the transformation of its overall implantation and the transformation of its overall consumption.

Suppose your basal metabolism is 1300 calories, you eat 1300 calories that day, exercise 30 minutes at the same time, consume 200 calories, then go on like this, day by day, your trend is towards thinner.

On the contrary, the food you eat every day far exceeds your basic generation, and it is not consumed by exercise, so fat is inevitable.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you eat, what matters is how much and how you eat.

In addition, I personally feel that it is not necessary to over-calculate the change, because it is difficult to be precise at all, and it is better to use food serving statistics.