[How to make fried meat with garlic leaves]_How to make fried meat with garlic leaves_How to make

[How to make fried meat with garlic leaves]_How to make fried meat with garlic leaves_How to make

Garlic leaves are also called green garlic. Garlic leaves are green-green. Tender garlic leaves and leaf sheaths can be eaten. Fresh and tender green garlic is better. The leaves look more green. There is no yellow and rotten phenomenon. It is more spicy and is good for improving mental function.Regularly eating green garlic is good for human digestion. Garlic leaves mainly contain protein, carotene, thiamine, etc., to supplement the nutritional elements needed by the human body. Most people can eat garlic leaves to enhance the body’s resistance.It’s better. It can be cut into thin slices for cooking. It is easy to taste, has a high nutritional value, and the method is relatively simple. Next, we will learn how to fry meat with garlic leaves.


Efficacy has the effect of refreshing the temper and eliminating grains.


The main ingredients are protein, carotene, and thiamine III.

Ingredients and effects Garlic leaves contain protein, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and other nutrients.

Its spicy flavor mainly comes from the spicy element it contains. This spicy element has the effect of refreshing the temper and eliminating food.

It also has good bactericidal and antibacterial effects, which can effectively prevent diseases caused by environmental pollution such as influenza and enteritis.

Garlic leaf has certain protective effects on the heart and brain blood vessels, can prevent the formation of blood clots, can also protect the liver, induce liver cell detoxifying enzyme activity, can eliminate the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, and have a certain effect on the prevention of cancer.
Suitable for people and matters needing attention.


Garlic leaves are generally consumed by the general public.


Do not overdo it, otherwise it may cause liver dysfunction and affect vision; people with poor digestive function and patients with eye diseases should eat less or not; 2.

Patients with damaged liver cells and cancer can eat more.


Cooking method Garlic leaves are soft and rotten ingredients for a long time. As long as the vegetables are sautéed under high heat until the aroma of the vegetables escapes and is evenly heated, you can serve them to enjoy the refreshing taste and flavor.

At the same time, garlic leaves should not be cooked too badly, so as not to destroy the spice and reduce the bactericidal effect.


Remarks Most high-quality green garlic leaves are tender, the tips of the leaves are not dry, and the plants are thick, neat, clean and not broken.

The garlic can be stored for 1 week in a cool and ventilated place at the beginning.


Garlic leaf fried meat Garlic leaf fried meat seems to be a very common dish, but it is actually loved by many people.

At first, because of its strong vegetable aroma, it attracted people’s appetite; at the same time, the combination of garlic leaves and pork belly has been respected as the best combination.

Pork belly has high trace content, and garlic reduces blood lipids. This complementary combination just solves the heart disease of carnivores, but more people eat garlic leaves.

Pork belly and garlic leaves are fried together to reduce the greasiness of the meat. Garlic leaves absorb the fat of the pork belly and the garlic flavor is more sufficient. Such taste changes cannot escape the mouths of diners.


Raw pork belly 200 grams, garlic leaves 100 grams, ginger 5 grams (2 pieces), spicy sauce (optional), red pepper 5 grams, rice wine 1 tablespoon, old soy sauce 1 tablespoon, oil, MSG IX.

The practice is often encountered in the restaurant, Kai Huai Chang diners directly call the store and then add a plate of garlic leaf fried meat, not want to eat meat, but want to eat garlic leaves absorbed pork belly essence.

1. Cut the pork belly into thin slices, cut the garlic leaves into inch sections (cut the garlic head with a knife and cut into sections), ginger into slices, and cut red pepper into pieces.

2. Put the oil in the pan and heat to 70% heat. Stir-fry the ginger slices and pork belly. When the meat slices turn white and transparent, add rice wine, pour old soy sauce and water 2 to two, and continue to fry until the meat slices taste.

3. When the pan is ready to cook, pour the garlic leaves down and cook with the meat pieces.

4. Load the plate.

(Spicy sauce is salty and fresh, no need to add salt and MSG)